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Strategic Social Partners offers complete marketing solutions to help launch and grow your social platform, successfully manage your social ad campaigns, build automated  sales funnels and ultimately catapult your sales. Why waste hours and hours trying to learn and execute this yourself, when you could have the professionals do it for you? Learn more about our services.

Tuesday Tips & Tricks 5-9-2017

“Image vs Video Based Ads- Part 1- Image Ads” By now it’s well known that video based ads will usually outperform our static image based ads, but that doesn’t mean that we should completely bag this tool that Facebook gives us. By using a few simple fundamentals, we...

Tuesday Tips & Tricks 5-2-2017

How to create the perfect ad” Much of the success of your ads comes down to the ad itself, the messaging, and the images. This week, we walk through creating the post text for the perfect Facebook ad. Tip #1 Utilize attention grabbers Your goal is to get people to...

Tuesday Tips & Tricks 4-28-2017

“Creating Look-A-Like Audiences” After you’ve targeted existing warm traffic – then it’s time to start expanding your audience to people just like those that already purchase from you. Lookalike audience with Facebook Ads allows you to do just that – identify your...


An athletic gym was spending tens of thousands of dollars on advertising in previous years. With consulting and Facebook Ads management, in the first 6 months, we were able to help them spend $10,000 less on marketing, while creating $124,000 revenue above last year.

Northern Lights

A recreational farm was contemplating it’s doors before the 2016 Corn Maze Season. With Facebook Ads management, we were able to nearly triple their revenue to $25,000 while spending only $500 on ads.

Dr. West

doctor hosted an event in Salt Lake City, spent over $3,000 in traditional marketing for the event and had less than 30 people show up. For the next event in Pocatello, ID (where’s that is right) we helped them have a room full of over 50 people and only spent $750 on Facebook Ads.

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