AtYyA – pronounced [ Ah-Tie-Ah ] is the musical project of Tyy Clark. Tyy combines his boundless passion for music with an array of multi-instrumentalism abilities from Hip Hop, Jazz & World, with 13 years of electronic music production to formulate the illustrious sound of AtYyA. The music of AtYyA features deep alluring basslines, mesmerizing percussive grooves, heart touching melodies, vast ethereal atmospheres, & raw sounds from our earth, synergistically breathing & merging into endlessly unfolding sonic fractals. The Primary intention of the music of AtYyA is to connecting the recipient to the feeling of profound happiness, unconditional love, and ecstatic celebration for the gift of life we all share.

elevated mind

Seamlessly weaving psychedelic melodies and intricately designed bass lines, he manages to distort the line between glitch hop and trap in a way that can only be described as ‘lit’. His unhealthy obsession with mind-bending sound design derives from a yearning to explore the uncharted territories of sound and to alter the interpretation of electronic music across the globe. Whether at home listening on your headphones or on a jam-packed dance floor at a festival, it is hard to keep your body motionless while listening to his music. Keep an eye out for this up-and-comer in 2017; the party is just getting started. Crank up the volume and elevate your mind.

spoken bird

Spoken Bird draws influence from glitch, breaks, and hip hop, blending them into one cohesive sound that plunges the listener into the depths of their own imagination. Gorgeous instrumentation laid over glitchy drum breaks and supremely creative synth patterns fuse with psychedelic sound scapes as Spoken Bird paints master pieces on silence with sound. Are you ready?

devin kroes

Devin Kroes is an electronic music producer and multi instrumentalist with a desire to awaken and inspire his listeners. He seeks to soni- cally recreate the beauty of the world around him with squishy bass and sultry strings. His music seeks to create a sense of familiarity while transporting the listener into the depths of the unknown. He seeks to provide a unique live experience by utilizing live guitar and a looper, allowing him to improvise and making each set immersive and cap- tivating for the listener. Watch out for this up and comer as he continues to push the boundaries of livetronica.

spoken bird

Alejo is the musical venture of Cincinnati native Alex Hinger. By using unique soundscapes layered with thick and driving rhythms, Alejo’s sounds intend to inspire listeners’ imaginations while taking them on a sonic journey through time and space. His most recent self-release, entitled ‘Transitions’, guides you perfectly on this journey being hailed similar to the likes of Andreilien & Tipper by The Untz.

devin kroes

Dubvirus is a rising electronic music producer with an infectious brand of melodic bass music. Hailing from New Mexico, his innovative blend of mind warping bass music is spreading an uncontrollable dance fever across the country. Combining elements of glitch-hop and dub step into a melodic madness, self-described as ‘Laser Bass,’ Dubvirus is clearly ahead of his time, pioneering the future of bass music.

spoken bird

Supertask is an electronic beat producer based out of Oregon. With his distinctive approach to music creation, he composes euphonious arrangements that shroud listeners in an affable blanket of solace. His attention to detail leaves nothing to be desired as his music permeates the atmosphere and brings with it an irresistible temptation to lose one’s self in the soothing, eclectic groove. With a seemingly infinite number of events transpiring within the finite duration of each track, the name ‘Supertask’ could not be more fitting.

devin kroes

Welcome to Droplitz, the sound project pioneered by Denver producer and beat-spelunker, John Plehinger. Droplitz takes listeners to deeper levels of underground music experience with subterranean bass-lines, seismic percussion, and soulful harmony. Utilizing Ableton Live, numerous controllers and synthesis, Droplitz unearths elements of psychedelic bass, glitch hop, dubstep, tribal trap and progressive electronic

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